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Thread: Resaw bandsaw...? S400p, s500p, Fb510, lt18hd, g0636..

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    Resaw bandsaw...? S400p, s500p, Fb510, lt18hd, g0636..

    Looking for something I can stick a feeder on and let run. I don't really have a need for more than about 14" of resaw capacity. I rarely get lumber much wider than that.

    I'd prefer to keep it under $4500.

    I wouldn't rule out an older Agazzani or Centauro or any other larger 3ph saw if I could find one locally

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    All of those are on the small end for a feeder BUT you can make it work, just buy the S500P (MM20) and be done with it knowing you got the best you could new for your budget. You obviously know used will stretch your money farther but it is a matter of availability but they are out there if you have the time and patience to look.
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