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Thread: Step stool by 11 yr old

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    Talking Step stool by 11 yr old

    My 11 year has been bugging me to help him build something, so we built this step stool for his 5 year old brother. This was a spontaneous thing, done after work on a week day. Used only scrap 2x4 ends and finished with amber shellac thatís been sitting.

    point is, it was built for free, basically, and is not a masterpiece or fancy, but the time I spent with my kids was prices less. I cut the edges off the 2x4s with the table saw. The 11 year old made all the cuts down to size on the miter saw and drilled all the pocket holes. All by himself (with me watching). They both put it together with pocket screws. It was bed time, so I sanded it and put a couple coats of amber shellac, which I have found useful for nothing but pine, and itís done.

    The lesson I learned is to teach what little I know to my children. It is time well spent.


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    Awesome! You and your son created a future family heirloom as well as treasured memories of time together that was well spent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Adams View Post
    Awesome! Your and your son created a future family heirloom as well as treasured memories of time together that was well spent.
    +1. Well said Joe!
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    I can guarantee, that will be a memory that they will treasure all their lives. Time well spent. Well done!

  5. Awesome!! I'm sure the 5 year-old will treasure it since it was made by his big brother. Next is Christmas presents. Now that the 11 year-old has got a taste for it, he'll be wanting more and more shop time... and the 5 year-old won't be far behind. Bigger shop!!... More tools!!


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    That is a nice set of "bed steps" ...but today's beds are so low . You might have to buy a couple more mattresses !
    Or a small dog that can't get on the bed without them.

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    Thank you. He likes it very much.

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    Great project for your son. Nice job! He must be very proud of himself. And what could be better for a 5 year old than an indestructible step stool?
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    Nice project, building memories!

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