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Thread: Stanley miter box 115 vs 150

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    Stanley miter box 115 vs 150

    Anyone have any info on why the 150 seems the preferred (by price) choice? I've never seen either in the wild.
    Thanks for any input.

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    I've got roughly 18 miter boxes (they're give away here in PA, some as cheap as $15 at flea markets), but bo 115. I like and use the 150 and the tiny Langdon, mainly because they're handy because of the size. The 150 with a good saw, gives excellent cuts, but I still clean up with a shooting board. The tiny Langdon, used mainly for trim, gives excellent results, but I still clean up with a Lion trimmer.

    I've seen newer 115's but never grabbed one. I'm sure with a bit learning, the accuracy could be as good as other models. The larger miter boxes are carpenter tools and though I have some, I don't use them (much!), because of the size and space they take up. The 150 is just so handy and can be used with many different saws.
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    thanks for the reply, Tony.

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    Bump on this thread to see if anyone has experience with both as I keep waffling back and forth about getting a mitre box for when I need to cut a lot of wood. I've been looking at both of these, the Stanley 150 and 115. I also wonder if the Millers Falls 200 is the exact same as the Stanley 115.

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    I looked up the Stanley 115. It looks like it might be hard to set up correctly and I prefer the metal fence on the 150. Schwarz loves his smaller version of the popular Miller Falls miter box. I looked for one for years on one of those auctions sites. Anything I found was in bad shape or very expensive. I discovered the Stanley 150, and found several in good shape at reasonable prices. I actually bought two, in case I need parts at some time. I also ordered a saw fron Ron Bontz specifically designed to fit the 150. I think I ended up with a superior miter box and saw. Other options looked to me to be less accurate and hard to find.

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