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Thread: Dustopper ?!?

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    Dustopper ?!?

    Has anyone used this yet?
    looks like a thien seperator molded out of plastic
    I like my dust deputy but it is tall and cumbersome
    Carpe Lignum

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    Basically a vacuum cleaner version of these.,42401

    There is no Thien type baffle incorporated into it.

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    I picked up a Dustopper yesterday. Plugged my 6HP shop vac into it and it seemed to do great. Everything in the bucket and none in the vac.
    5 gallon bucket fills too fast though so I got a 20 gal. brute garbage can, cut the lid to fit the bucket in. Silicone around the bucket and weather stripping around the can lid. Used ABS for pipe from vac to Dustopper. Runs great but I need to reinforce the garbage can as it's collapsing in on itself when the vac is running. Thinking I'll make some round ribs to go in the can.

    I'd been thinking of making my own but this just seemed easier and I'll still be able to modify to my needs. A cart is definitely a need.

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