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Thread: Looking for security alarm parts.

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    Thanks everyone for the tips. .
    Seems to be some confusion with me buying from a home base business.
    Have no beef at all buying from someone with a home setup. In fact I prefer it. Just looking for someone with past experience with a retailer.
    Maybe I'm too causous, but just because someone has a web site, is not a 100% guarantee they are legit.
    You know what Abraham Lincoln once said, Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Found that quote on the internet :-)
    "Remember back in the day, when things were made by hand, and people took pride in their work?"
    - Rick Dale

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    Its probably commodity parts with ADT stickers on it.I had a bad customer service experience with Home Security Store but that was years ago. sells some of it too, or at least did. The place I bought most of mine went out of business.

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    I suspect Cincinnati has an electronics (not electric) supply store with security system parts since it's not a small town. Knoxville, smaller than Cincinnati, has a good one, Shields Electronics, which sells all the components.


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