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Thread: Speedy 400 Ceramic tube replacement/refurb

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    To expound on Steve & Dave's 'assessments': The only reason we're seeing "a potential problem" is simply because those who have had problems, and one place that repairs the things, have made us aware OF the problems.

    But what we're NOT aware of, is total number of similar units that DON'T have a problem!

    It's a simple fact of life that we humans are quick to let other humans know when we think we've wasted our hard earned money on a piece-O-krap product, but how many of us ever just go online to proclaim "hey, my Samsung fridge is still keeping my food cold!" --- --- this is why internet sellers BEG for reviews, positive OR negative, and why the positive reviews- usually- overwhelm the negative ones!

    So then, of the few failures reported so far, about all we can extrapolate from the reported data is: some of many tubes have failed; the percentage of failures to non-failures is unknown; the tube life at the failure may or may not be within "normal limits", and the common type of failure may or may not be considered normal... all in all, at this point in time, statistically insignificant is my call
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    Just an FYI , I just completed machining,testing,refilling and charting several Iradion model 156 lasers. I found the following. Yes they can be refilled/Remanufactred. We had an influx of them come into our facility and we found they are very stable lasers, Robust and have a lifetime of equivalent metal RF tubes. They also fail for similar reason. We did some gas analysis and find the Gas still will imbalance over time and even though the tube body is ceramic , they still use technology equivalent to Epilog and Synrad for sealing methods. It gets a bit technical but in short, yes We can refill and repair these lasers. Our refilling shows there is lots of buffer in power. A Model 156 before refill was 32 watts after refill 94 watts. I am at home now but I believe the 156 is rated 60 watts. I knew the inventor some 30 years ago so I am familiar with the technology behind them. So the technology is well established. If anyone has questions please dont hesitate to contact myself or Jean F.

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