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Thread: Window Casing

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    Window Casing

    What's the preferred method of putting up window casing?

    Cut the pieces and put them up individually.

    Cut the pieces and assemble in a "picture frame" and then mount.
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    To me, it depends on the casing profile and the consistency of the jamb/wall junction. My preferred casing is 3/4" board made into a 3 or 4 sided frame with pocket screws holding it together. I usually tack a mitered backband around the frame prior to hanging it.

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    I would put it up piece by piece. This lets you deal with the window being out of square, and let's you hit the miters with a plane for a good fit. I always start with the bottom piece, then fit the sides and then the top. The pieces rest on each other and it's easier to get the right margins between the casing and the jambs. Cut the top piece a skosh long and plane to fit.
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    Bench assembled with biscuits or dominos and or pocket screws. If the wall is wonky clamp it to force it to conform before nailing.

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    I try to pre assemble everything

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    The window opening is not always plumb and square. That's why you may need to make adjustments. I always cut the casing and fit it to the opening before nailing it home.

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    I assemble them first if material will allow .Used to use biscuits ,now dominos . I can use pocket screws to pull it tight ,or just pocket screws .Last week I had the cam clamps [used to pull miters tight] with biscuits . Once I started preassemble I was hooked .More up front thought but by far a faster method and better . My joints do not open up ,not coming back to caulk or see gaps in my bare wood casings is priceless -Ok if i go back that cost me. I found doing vinel windows this method allows me to tweek the casing to the vinyl irregularities and my joint stays perfect . plus i need far fewer nails to install so less holes to deal with .note on vinyl windows you cannot nail into window frame so not as much abilty to nail everything tight to the wall. Big thing is a working surface to do your thing . one of mine has lots places to hold quik release clamps .
    not using cyclamates much .still yellow glue .i just use TB111 because then I only need to carry one product and some of my work is exterior .Well dah the outside casing . So cool to have tight joints years later .

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