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Thread: Lightburn for Fiber

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Hair View Post
    ... A gantry fiber is a complete waste due to the limitations of gantry vs galvo so I don't even put it in the mix when I'm talking about lasers.
    I would love to have a metal cutting gantry style fiber laser...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Harman View Post
    I would love to have a metal cutting gantry style fiber laser...
    I have one - it IS nice to have
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    That is great news, I am shopping for a chinese fiber laser now, and one of the things I am most worried about is the software ( though from reading here and elsewhere it looks like EZcad is not bad) I have lightburn and a Cohesion3D board on my CO2 laser and it has me spoiled, very good software indeed. If I manage to add a Fiber based laser this year it would be a no brainer to pay for the new version of the software to run it with.

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    Any update? I enjoy lightburn. I find myself firing up RDWORKS only once in a while. A version for FIBER would be great. It would be great to see something like camera implementation.
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