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Thread: ULS 25PS & CorelDraw Compatability

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    ULS 25PS & CorelDraw Compatability

    Just picked up a ULS-25PS (1996) and looking to get Coreldraw, wondering if there are any issues running the latest and greatest or if I would be better off with an older version? Also planning to get a 32bit computer with windows XP if that causes any issues with the newer versions of CorelDraw.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!


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    I just found the one you got, good price - my first laser was this well-used 1997 ULS that I bought in 2002, and sold to my BIL 3 years ago, he runs it 6-8 hours daily, can say enough good about it, wish I still had it


    Different from yours but I suspect operationals should be close. No USB for sure, this one's always been connected via parallel port, cake to connect to XP, which will be a great choice to run it. My advice on Corel would be to get an X4 version. My BIL has X6 and for whatever reason that no one can figure out, everything X6 sends to this laser engraves in a very rough "draft" form, for lack of a better definition... He LOVES X6 and does all his layout work with it, but he has to save the job as an X4 file so he can send it to the laser from his X4. Me, I've never used, nor had any need for anything beyond what X4 gives me. My BIL does a lot more actual 'artwork' than I find necessary, so X4 is fine with me.

    Not sure if you have a print driver but I think they're easy to get online...

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    Appreciate the feedback and sounds like a pretty solid plan with X4 running on an XP computer. I have the driver's already so hopefully be running by the end of the weekend!

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    I suspect that you'll need a 32 bit system with XP, not for Corel, but for the laser drivers...
    I tried installing an old Roland plotter in a Win7- 64 bit system, and it refused to operate.
    I tried virtual drives, and all options. No luck.
    Win xp-32 bit- worked great!
    Best wishes,

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