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Thread: Large cone project

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    Large cone project

    This is a project I designed a long time ago and finally getting around to building it. When I turned the Gun Cabinet lamp it took a lot of testing and playing. Especially the mitered staves and glue up. This was the test piece I did to solve those problems. It was pretty nasty with glue joints slipping and misalignment. It did help me solve the problems and the Gun lamp came out excellent. Anyway I saved this piece with a project in mind hoping that I could turn past all the misalignment. I did. It's probably 1/2" or less in thickness in spots but that's OK for this project. Anyway I hope to complete it shortly. I have to stop and turn some bed posts for a friend and have the grandkids for the next 3 weeks so that will put this project off for a while. This is 45" tall, 32 compound mitered staves. 16" wide at the bottom and 5" wide at the top.
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    Knowing John, that's probably only 2" long and photoshopped. Just kidding, John. I am quite sure it's the real deal.
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