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Thread: Kids kitchen helper plans.

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    Kids kitchen helper plans.

    I have been asked to build a Kids kitchen helper.
    I did a search on SMC but came up blank.
    What is the common name for this project? It is a step stool like item that has a safety rail around it for kids to help in the kitchen,
    Due to a lack of shop time. I am looking for a quick build. Most likley pocket screws ,common construction lumber and painted. Not mortise and tenon and Oak.
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    Dave, itís on my todo list also.
    i found some plans but I didnít like them.
    heres an Etsy link that I like that should have enough pictures to get you going.

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    TIP: make the vertical members rise at least 3/8" above the top rail. This will allow things to be hooked over that projection. Things like aprons or the loops on potholders. I learned this by making a second chair for my Nieces and nephew.
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    I did a google search for Kids Kitchen Helper and found a number of designs. Here is one. Apparently they are also called Safe Step Stool.
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    My daughter made one for her girls. I seem to recall that she got the plans from the Anna White site.

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    The Wood Whisperer has plans and a video available.

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    And to think I just stood on a kitchen chair. Oh, the horrors.

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