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Thread: Online source for Invicta Owners Manuals

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    Online source for Invicta Owners Manuals

    My brother happened into, what appears to be, a decent deal on a Rockwell / Invicta table saw. Thing dwarfs my 3-hp Uni and has a massive trunion. Very well constructed indeed. Anyway - as bizzare as it may seem - it has no model number on it and he is looking for some product detals on it. Invicta's website is really no help and I am wondering if anyone is aware of a site where he might be able to peruse some of their manuals to 1) determine what model number it is and 2) determine the original motor. The person from who he bought it had a brand-new 5hp Baldor motor which he purchased intending to use it for the saw but the size and monting configuration make it appear to not be usable.

    Thanks in advance for your time . . .


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    You will have to call Invicta. Not everything is online. Delta doesn't support the old Invicta stuff and I'm pretty sure owwm doesn't have anything on Invicta...last I looked a couple weeks ago.

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    Whenever I've had to get parts for my Rockwell/Invicta planer I've gone to Delta and they have always had what I needed. I have found support to be very good although I haven't needed anything in a few years.

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