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Thread: I'm finally building my boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Waldron View Post
    All that spruce is very nice, but you do realize, I suppose, you haven't yet posted pictures of your new spar bench. Do get with it, Malcolm!


    I just boarded a plane. This is the only pic I have. Prior to sawing the chop flush to the top. ...or did you mean a bench just for the spars? That is called a “sawhorse”. :-)

  2. How many hens teeth fit in a bird's mouth joint?

    Back in the day, there were, in fact, dedicated spar benches, often spanning the full length of the shop and, for those who built taller masts, sometimes butting against a window so longer masts could stick outside. With the decline of wooden masts and the near disappearance of hollow wooden masts and other spars, spar makers have mostly lost their benches. Reduced to saw horses and other such kludges, it has become more difficult to keep to the straight and narrow. Be sure you have enough horses for the job; don't let the work sag or you may build in a curve that you don't want.

    This is in contrast to the shipwright's spiling bench. It would be erected alongside the framing so the planks could be spiled, backed out and scarfed as needed as close to the building hull as possible. It would typically be a length at least as long as the longest planking timbers, and perhaps longer if convenient. In first class shops, there would be a spiling bench on each side of the hull. Since carvel planking has become quite rare, the spiling bench is not so common, although similar benches are often employed for preparing glass fiber for application and wetting out with resin in molding fiber glass hulls and other structures.

    For the home builder, with no customer to absorb such ancillary costs, it is quite common to do without, substituting saw horses, labor and effort.
    Fair winds and following seas,
    Jim Waldron

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