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Thread: Do you have a radial arm saw and do you use it?

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    I have a 3 hp, 220v, single phase DeWalt 14 inch long arm in my shop, made in the late 50s, early 60s. It's set up for crosscutting, up to 26 inches, and does a great job. Very accurate and smooth. You won't believe this but I bought it for $40 at a tool and die plant auction. They used it to cut their pattern stock so it was never used a great deal. My lucky day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joseph mansker View Post
    I bought it for $40 at a tool and die plant auction.
    Yeah that's a great deal!, Good find!

    Sounds like one of those "Being In The Right Place At The Right Time" type of deals.


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    I have an old Dewalt RAS and it works great. Try to do as much crosscutting as I can with it and only use the table saw for ripping and dados

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    Had a sears but it took a stiff elbow and even then sometimes I got a climb cut on a crosscut that often stalled. I guess I got to old to use it safely so I got rid of it.

    Sears has a recall on a lot of them. Google under sears radial arm recall. They give $100 for the carriage and motor shipped in a box they supply and pay postage for. This was last year.

    I did not want to sell something I considered unsafe.

    I also sold the steel table the saw was on on craigs list so if you do sell a recalled unit that should be your base price with no extra effort.


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    Not One, but I have TWO.... Walker Turner from the 1940s. One is earlier than the other one by a few years, one single phase 220 motor, the other one is three phase I run off of a VFD. Yes, Crosscut a LOT on both. 1x material, wide MDF (14") and other stuff as needed. Way easier than using my table saw and I don't have a miter saw. Craftsman I had, I loaned out never to see it again, and a cheap Lowes brand died and I never replaced with another. RAS way safer than those things anyway.
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