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Thread: Cherry burl vase

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    Cherry burl vase

    I ran across this burl after cleanup from the hurricane. The tree had fallen across a driveway and someone had decided to cut it THROUGH THE BURL! It had developed enough cracks already, so I filled them and the voids with coffee grounds/charcoal dust/CA after the alky soak. The cracks around the rim forced me to try some texturing with a woodburning pen and carving with a dremel tool. That was kinda fun, but I need some practice. It's 9" tall x 7" wide, finished with Watco and buffed with the Beall wheels. Any comments, tips, suggestions welcomed.
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    Whoa! That is really nice and I love the collar detail!

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    Works for me.
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    Even the "Split" belongs on this piece. Simply Spactacular!


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    I tell you what, there are so many good things to say about that piece I hardly know where to start. First of all the form is so nice. The way the rough and smooth areas blend together is just wonderful. But the thing I like the most is the way you dressed it up with that open collar trimmed in black. It just makes the piece. A very fine piece Travis, it truly is a fine piece!
    Big Mike

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    Nice Job Travis!
    The form and finish looks great.
    You done a fine job with the burning, just the right amount to add to the turning without overpowering it!
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    All dressed up for the "Emmies, nice to see that all was not lost in the hurricane.
    Very nice work Travis,

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    What everyone else said Travis! What a thing of beauty. My favorite part is how you came around the crack with your burn. You gots vision!!
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    Another really beautiful piece of work Travis. Well done.

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    What a save!

    Wonderful, Travis! Don't know why it never occurs to me to make a design opportunity out of a crack. Guess I have no imagination. Have to work on that.

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    Everyone has said it all, I just want to add a job well done.
    Glenn Hodges
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  13. Another great one, Travis!

    Thanks for the picture!

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    UH-OHHHHHHHH!!!!! Trav's getting ARTSY!!!!!!!!!

    (just kiddin.........that looks AWESOME!!!!!!!! )

    ------------------------------------------------ simply the name we give our mistakes.

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    Holy moly Travis. That's a real beaut.

    You need practice????? Practice to do what?? Gimme a break.


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