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Thread: New Mig

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    Used to be that Harbor Fright carried Italian made welding rod and wire. That was top quality stuff. Literally world class, I forget the makers true name but it is top in European markets The China made stuff is visibly rusty junk.
    Bill D


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    I had a the Makita abrasive saw. Here in CA they would string me up for using it in the summer months, and rightfully so. I replaced it with the Evolution 14” metal cutting chop saw and what a great little machine that is. I have cut 4x4 on it and it is just so clean to use. I took a couple pieces of sheet metal and hinges to make a small deflector to kinda contain the chips. Nothing fancy but it has worked well. One hint on operating the chop saw. I did pop a tooth on one blade. I think it was due to cutting through the material and then letting the saw return to the up position. I think there was enough deflection that while withdrawing the blade a tooth got caught and popped it. I now finish the cut, wait for the blade to stop and then withdraw the blade. So far so good.

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