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Thread: online hand tool websites?

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    online hand tool websites?

    looking for online hand tool sources

    been looking for something and not really sure where else to look. Refurbished is pretty expensive so wouldn't mind something I might have to work at. I used to be signed up for a few newsletters but I used the email at my old job and forgot to save the info before I left

    This is what I know of and google isn't helping.


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    Hyper Kitten Tools (selection varies)

    Jim Bode (a lot of very expensive collector tools, but occasionally some very reasonably stuff as well)

    Patrick Leach (has a mailing list, instructions to get on are on his site: google “Blood and Gore”).

    If I lived near the woodwright store I would definitely be over there. No firsthand knowledge, but from their site it sounds like they have a good selection and they probably know a working tool from a similarly shaped piece of scrap.

    And keep an eye on the classifieds here. Have not had much luck with want to buy adds, but have picked up more than I thought I would through the sales adds.

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    Maybe if you mention what it is you are trying to find it would be of help to focus your search. Heck, there might even be one in my or someone else's junk box.

    Patrick Leach sends out a notice each month about his list of tools for sale:

    You will likely want to go in a few pages before bookmarking the sight. He is best known for his Blood & Gore pages of Stanley planes by the numbers.

    Here are a few more:

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