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Thread: So... I'd never buy an SCM product again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor Robinson View Post
    Makes me rethink the MM bandsaw I’ve been holding out for - that maybe the buying experience and all the little things won’t quite end up justifying the cost.
    Again, not being an apologist but keep in mind two things:

    1. The Minimax MM series bandsaws are rebranded Centauro built saws

    2. bandsaws are about the simplest large woodworking machine you will buy

    Those two things along with the historical new bandsaw deliveries significantly cut down on the chance of throwing snake eyes in the machinery crapshoot.

    If finish is a high priority NEVER buy SCMI machines you are better served buying Austrian or German. The Italian machinery way (polar opposite to most of their goods) is ugly but beefy.
    5,306 miles from where the greatest things with 4 wheels are born
    5,328 miles from where the greatest things with 2 wheels are born
    5,301 miles from where the greatest things with 2 wheels and a band are born
    Seems to be more than a coincidence to me...

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    This thread hits home big time as in “I remember when”.

    A number of years ago I purchased a Felder combo. A pretty high end offering for them. I think on sale the machine was$11K?

    Well the machine could not even begin to properly joint a board. All the little odds and ends you are having issues with were perfect as the fit and finish if Felder is indeed pretty nice just not anywhere near overbuilt. Now having years behind the machine and many many enitial tech visits to get it cutting right I havenbecime acutely aware of a number of areas over the width of my tables were I can not edge joint a board. Move the work piece a half in this way or that way and your fine.

    I felt much the same way as you having spent twice as much when Felder did not jump through hoops to make good on the problem but at first did everything they could to place the blame on me. My take was it must be a tactic to deny, deny, deny, divert, divert,divert and the majority of people give up and succumb to defeat. Well not me it just gets me more motivated to take the guilty party to task. Point is it’s no fun spending any amount of money on anything that does not perform its task to its intended purpose.

    Now contrast this with the recent purchase of as mentioned a MiniMax s500p bandsaw “made by
    Centauro” mind you and I’m all but thirilled. Crating was great no damage to speak of. Yes the fit and finish is not stellar but is a machine and what counts is all there. At $4500 delivered I consider the machine a bargain.

    Contrast all that to another recent purchase of a Martin jointer and all the above it kinda completely unexceptible but also kinda understandable. Should you have to spend four times the price to get a machine that works as advertised “no” but it seems that is exactly the case. The machine works a charm, is a piece of cake to adjust, and the fit and finish it top notch “like what I expect of myself when I’m building something for someone that’s paying me”. But again as others have said sadly $6K is not a lot of $$ theses days for new Woodworking machinery.

    All and all at the enednof the day and settled in as others have also suggested I rather enjoy and appreciate my Felder machine for what it is and is not as it gets the job done and in all reality really is a pretty nice tool.

    I say try your darndest to make Scmi make good on your problems. If and when they don’t lol do as others suggested, iron out the kinks yourself and move on so long as it has flat tables and can joint and plane a board to be flat.

    Sorry for your frustration as I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. I lost much sleep for many months.

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    Sorry to hear that Mike but, sadly, your story is not unique these days. I can't remember if it was you or someone else who was asking about the MM J/P that prompted me to post a link to someone on WoodNet who was having a terrible experience with a MM Slider. There seemed to be general denial from several folks here who were singing MM's praises, but most all of them had purchased their machines at least a few years ago. Over the past little while SMC seems to have completely forgotten about final quality inspection and especially CS with respect to the non-industrial market.

    I hope your machine works well once you get it all sorted out. Don't give up and hold SMC to task as much as you can. Good luck.


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