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Thread: Recommendations for LED upgrade?

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    I am interested to know what you end up with.
    When I looked into converting the fixtures I had the cost was a lot higher.
    Of course initial cost is, well initial cost.

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    I found tombstones on Ebay that had a hole for a bolt or screw. I bought a bag - 12 I think - and retrofitted some fixtures that used integral lamp holders. The LED tubes are direct wire so simple to install. The tubes came with a sticker that said the fixture is 120 volt, it didn't have a ballast. That's a very good idea I think. I'm not sure what would happen if a 'conventional' fluorescent tube were inserted into a fixture that was 120 volt but I doubt it'd produce the desired result.
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    I like to save a little money sometimes when I can do it myself.

    Like, replacing the ballasts on my flourescent shop lights, and other closet lights around the house.

    I cant recall the exact issues right now, but this approach was way too much trouble.

    So, after some research, it seemed like LED was a no-brainer.

    WM had these 4' LED fixtures that were about $35 per

    So i saved my lunch money and bought a bunch over time.

    They should last forever, low energy requirement, and not a problem to switch on/off (unlike flourescent)

    Now, in particular, a great feature is the ability to just take the LED strip out of the factory casing, and hook up in a series, for task lighting, like @ sharpening area:


    Of course, the electrical stuff was done under the direction of my generous electrician friend.

    A lot of lumens in a small area is what I like-when I'm working, I do like lots of light.

    (the LEDs are still encased in a barrier housing so any water splash is not a problem).
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    Well, that's helpful. I hadn't thought of just screwing tombstones down. It looks as though many of the tombstones I had been looking at actually have a provision for a screw or captured nut, like this:

    So, I think that's what I'll do: buy some screw-down tombstones (instead of the expensive 'retrofit' kits which include new bases to allow slide-in tombstones), and convert from 8' to 4'.

  5. In my 30x34x10 shop I installed the 16 of the 4' Costco fixtures and switched them in quadrants. They are 3+ years old and have been excellent.

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