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Thread: Deal on a slider

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    Deal on a slider

    I suspect this Minimax SC-3 is a steal at $1400:

    Too much machine for me and my tiny basement shop.

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    I have no experience with that specific model to say how it performs, but ive actually seen a handful of them listed for under a grand in the last year. Im talking $400-500. In fact, i think a member bought a similar SCMI model in the last three months and was posting about repairing some function of it. Anyways, i know he was one of the examples where he purchased it for a couple hundred bucks.

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    Sold new for over $5000 over 25 years ago.

    Fixed it for him.

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    depends what you get, depends what repairs you have to make, depends if all the original stuff is there and looks like its not. Ive seen the small ones go from 1,200.00 to 4,000.00 at auctions and there are a few models.
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    Yup, my bad. I guess this is indeed the going rate. For some reason I thought it was underpriced.

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    I had one for a very short time. It was new (NOS) when I purchased it. For a hobby guy that wants a $1400 slider, and has the room, it's an ok saw. I'd compare it to putting one of those excalibur slider attachments on your cabinet saw. Stops are pretty crude, and the handwheels & levers are plastic. That "foot" hanging off the saw is so it wont tip over... The slider is cast iron. That may or may not be a good thing. Some cast iron warps.

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    Yes, condition needs to be very good, all the flip stops and fences intact, motor good etc and close enough that hauling is a non issue. The SCM SI12 is a better choice for the same cost but needing a vfd or rpc. In the Euro slider world, three phase opens up the real deals. Dave

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    I picked one of these up a year ago for $500 or so. The slider was steel, not cast iron, and the carriage adjustments were so simple, even I could adjust it. It even had a Beis fence, a scoring blade, and overhead guard. I first thought I would keep it, but sold it for $1300 (?), and ended up buying a new Griz 623 slider.

    I wanted the dado capability, and the Griz seems pretty well made, except for the fence, which I don't like. Thinking of putting a brand new Beis fence on it, since I have one in the shed.
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    Beis fence is going backwards, original SCM fence blows them away. Thats why complete machines should have more value than cobbled up stuff.

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