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Thread: Trotec JobControl Queries and Questions

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    Trotec JobControl Queries and Questions

    HI there,

    I am hoping someone can help me, I am looking at purchasing a Trotec Laser - Speedy 100 Flex. I am not a wood worker, I make stencils, however this seems to be one of the only forums I can find.

    My Question is Trotec hasn't been overly helpful in solving a problem that I have and no one can tell me if Jobcontrol supports the SVG file format.

    My current design program exports to SVG, JPEG, PDF - however the PDF ends up being a BITMAP and Jobcontrol doesn't like it. I have over 550 design files that would need to be converted to work with Jobcontrol but I struggling to figure out if it can be done.

    Hoping someone here might know some answers. Thanks in advance!

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    99% of us laser users use Corel to 'work' whatever text/graphics we're going to send to the machine. We just import our eps's dxf's, dwg's, pdf's, ai's and svg's into Corel and go from there. Once something is in Corel it can usually be lasered...

    I've never messed with an svg file (to my knowledge) but I just downloaded a free sgv graphic, and Corel imported it just fine-

    so- it's not the laser you need to worry about, it's your 'current design program' ....
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    svg is a file format. Kev is right, your question is wrong. You need to know if your current design software can support a SVG file format. If so, then you are good. You don't just open files in Job Control and the laser runs. You have to "print" the job out of some piece of software and set the parameters for the laser through the print function side of things. That's where the interaction between your software and Job Control happens.

    They do offer some additional software that lets you work off files directly (I think) but I've never seen it and never heard of anyone using it, so I can't comment on that.

    I think you are looking at this from the wrong angle. Like Kev said, you need to get CorelDraw and then import any svg file you have and send it to the laser from there.
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    And to tack on to Scott's reply - S - Scalable, V - Vector, G - Graphics This means you get the same functionality as you would with any other vector file. It's a great format to import into Corel for lasering purposes.

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