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Thread: Saddle square

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Henderson View Post
    I made another hinged saddle square and this time I worked hard to center the holes on the "hinge". This one is a lot better but it's still just a bit off when you fold it over. I'll mark this one with the outside so that I use it in the orientation where it's accurate.

    This one is made from some ebony I had in the shop. Figured it would hold up well in use.
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    Some years ago, I made a bunch of dovetail saddle markers out of maple. You can see what they look like here. Someone could make a regular saddle square the same way, attaching the two pieces of wood with dovetails.
    Attachment 388020

    That looks very nicely done, Mike!

    Once upon a time I made a dovetailed dovetail (saddle) marker as well ..

    Regards from Perth


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    Handtools are beautiful!

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