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Thread: VGF craftsman style door refinish schedule

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    VGF craftsman style door refinish schedule

    Our recently aquired home has a nice VGF craftsman style door with 2 panels and ledge under the window. I don't think it has ever been refinished from original and has some spaling? of the grain, is graying and has no film left. the door faces south and is getting full sun for part of the day.

    I am considering
    1. remove door
    2. sanding with 100 / 220 both sides
    3. inside gets satin helmsman varnish, have used this for years, have some in stock and its always held up well.
    4. sikkins ( which product?) outside. transparent color for more uv protection.

    what do you think?

    should i use a different product? My Father really liked using sikkins on the teak on his boat and i remember it holding up well and looking good.

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    I used Sikkens Cetol Door and Window finish on the outside of an exterior door that faces due West with no protection from the weather. I know the owner and get to see it regularly. It's been a year now and it still looks perfect. You have to use at least two coats of pigmented varnish, the last coat can be pigmented or clear. I used two coats of mahogany and one coat of clear/satin. It was easy to apply with a bristle brush and looked as good as a sprayed finish. The only downside is it takes quiet awhile for this stuff to dry/cure. You would definitely need to take the door off.

    I used GF's Exterior 450 on another door I made. It's only 6 months old now, sits behind a storm door (which is not good) and gets sun part of the day. So far, so good. Exterior 450 sprays beautifully and brushes well, too, and dries/cures much more quickly than Cetol. Another fast drying product is TC's EM-9300. It is super hard and very clear, but spray only. I don't have any long term experience with it, however.

    As for the inside, I think you could use pretty much anything.


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