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Thread: Is there a decent Chinese laser importer in the UK?

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    Is there a decent Chinese laser importer in the UK?

    The fabricator I work with are looking to expand the number of cutters they have as they're running at capacity with the single machine they have. While Trotec, Epiloge and so on are great machines they far too expensive to buy the number needed so I'm looking at Chinese machines (they can always be run into the ground and replaced with something nicer later). While of course they could be imported I'd prefer to get them off a more local firm if things go wrong. The trouble is that unlike the US there isn't a 'decent' importer outside of Thunderlaser so I'd like to shop around a bit. I've personally used Dropswell Laser (they may have changed name again) in the past as they came well reviewed, unfortunately they were pretty awful so won't be bothering with them again! If anyone has any recommendations to peruse I'd be interested to hear them.

    Thanks in advance!

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    HPC Lasers in Halifax...quite simply nobody else in the UK can come close to their levels of backup and service parts
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    Thanks both, emails sent off.

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