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Thread: Work in progress - Entrance Bench # 3

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    Work in progress - Entrance Bench # 3

    I've been wanting to do a limited production run of entrance benches on spec and decided to come up with a new design !

    For a change I'm going with turned legs, basically two inches on the bottom tapering to one inch on the top.

    My previous benches had a leather seat sitting in a frame, the fabric was simply wrapped around the foam/plywood. This will have a seat "floating" one inch above the frame and its shape will be more like a "cushion".

    For the arms I'm considering leaving hand plane marks as a texture. Bottom smooth, top textured.

    There will be no leg to leg side rail, instead the rails will be moved to the inside.

    I spent A LOT of time considering using through/wedged tenons and decided as much as I would like to show off that element would be distracting.

    Concept drawing...

    1 -The concept.jpg

    Material to be used. BC maple @ 2 1/4" thick and the second bench with the most figured walnut board I have have the pleasure to come across @ 1 15/16" thick.

    This will give me a chance to evaluate whether or not standard 8/4 material is thick enough for the legs.

    If not, I will just have to keep the curly walnut bench for myself

    2 - Maple board.jpg

    Up for consideration was a very nice rift sawn cherry board, I decided to save it for the next run of benches as it is 1 15/16" thick...

    The board on the right is a possible choice if the curly walnut plank does not yield all the parts, the bottom two pieces are the rails resawed from the curly walnut plank.

    3 - Cherry and alt walnut plank.jpg

    First consideration is the leg to rail joint. I turned two test legs to visualize the connection...

    5 - Leg mock ups.jpg

    If I go with a simple tapered leg, the rails will have to be shaped. Basically a tapered cove cut and after some thought decided it was simply too plain.

    Instead I decided to leave a square section when turning the taper. This will give me a square to the world leg to rail joint.

    The unturned section would be carved to fit.

    Full size drawing.

    4 - Full size drawing.jpg

    Dry fit..

    7- Dry assemble.jpg

    Pretty basic turning using a 1" roughing gouge and a simple jig. I knocked off the corners of the legs on the bandsaw before turning...

    6 - Turning template.jpg

    To speed up shaping the unturned section, I made a simple jig for the bandsaw. Cut, rotate, repeat.. The cut is about 1/16" proud of the taper.

    8 - Bandsaw leg.jpg

    Don Kondra Furniture Designer/Maker
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    Walnut legs square to rough band sawed..

    9 - Legs bandsawed.jpg

    Maple legs square to rough band sawed...

    10 - Maple legs roughed out.jpg

    Shaping was fairly straight forward, die grinder with a saburr bit, a sleeveless sanding drum and spokeshave for the flat surfaces.

    11 - Weapons of choice.jpg

    Legs from rough band sawed to final sand..

    13 - Rough to finished.jpg

    At this point I have two more legs to shape and then I will go back and fine tune all of the top/bottom sections of the rail mating surfaces to square and all of the curves to fair and as similar as possible...

    Cheers, Don
    Don Kondra Furniture Designer/Maker
    Product Photographer

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