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Thread: Printing labels for new Festool systainers

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    Printing labels for new Festool systainers

    I have ordered some Festool systainers which should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I found on Festool's website where they offer a pdf which you can put your own text in for whatever tool you chose.

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to then attach these labels to the systainer. Do you laminate them and use double sided tape or do the systainers have a slot the labels slide into?

    Please give me some feedback on how this works. I currently don't have any of the new systainer styles so I have nothing to reference.



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    I believe the systainer has a slot you can slide your printed label in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Lisowski View Post
    I believe the systainer has a slot you can slide your printed label in.
    That is does. And they usually come with a plastic cover to go over the label that slides in the slot as well.
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    I am not sure about the old Systainers, I don't have any left. The current T-Locs have a slot on both sides where a label can go accessed when the lid is open. The T-Locs I have that came with a tool or were designed for accessories came with labels stuck there, the T-locs that came empty have no label on the right side (looking at them) and have a removable plastic card like label on the left side, this indicates which size Systainer it is. I don't have any whether it came with a tool or was an empty Systainer that has a clear piece of plastic in either slot. This is the part you want: I didn't check the price. Alternatively, you could glue the label to the plastic card that comes with the empty Systainer.

    As an aside, I order all my Systainers from Amazon UK or Amazon Germany (along with a lot of accessories). They are usually about 25% or so cheaper even with shipping and the shipping isn't much slower than domestic UPS ground. Not all Festool items ship to the US but this changes all the time. For example, the Domino assortments (usually about 1/3 cheaper) will show up for a week or so as shipping to the US then for a few days will show up as not.

    Edit: I forgot to mention you can get the labeling kit as a Tanos branded item (they make the Festool Systainers and sell the non-branded colored Systainers and accessories ) it has 20 labels vs 10 and is avaiable at Woodcraft, Lee Valley, Amazon etc.

    This shows them:

    I think the link to Festool you have has all of the Festool labels but you can search FOG for a thread named "Custom Systainer labels" that thread has downloads for other companies tools as well.
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    There are many ways to do it, many probably more elegant or speedy than my approach, but here's what I did.

    Printed labels via inkjet on standard adhesive address labels. Stuck labels on blank plastic ID cards (available on Amazon for around $10 for 100). Taped over with clear packing tape for protection, trimmed with an exacto. Slide into slot.

    Of course, the plus and minus of this solution is the cards can be easily removed.

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    I found the Systainer System to become very useful for my shop. While the Tanos/Festool labels work well, the cost was more than I wanted to pay. In addition, I wanted something that was easier for me to spot and identify from 20 ft away, so the templates they provided were somewhat limited for me. I have now gone to direct ink jet printing on PVC ID cards and really prefer that method. The cards are the same dimensions as a typical ID/Credit Card and fit perfectly in the TLoc card slots on the fronts and sides of Systainers. They are quite economical, however they require a printer that has provisions for a PVC card tray. Just want to mention an alternative. (The Festool templates can also be printed on the PVC cards)
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