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Thread: Parts for a Jet 1236 wood lathe

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    Parts for a Jet 1236 wood lathe

    I have an "older" model Jet 1236 and I need to replace the handle, spring and screw (which holds the handle on) for the mechanism that allows the headstock to rotate.

    The part numbers are JWL 1236 24-2, 3, and 4.

    I've tried several online sources but they all seem to mention the parts are no longer available.

    Anybody have a source or a cross reference as I think Grizzly carried the same lathe a while back?

    Thanks - Finn

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    I posted to the Moderators. This would probably get more attention in the Turning Forum.

    Do you know what the thread is on that?

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    You might want to try Harbor Freight. Their 34706 lathe is very close. Here is the manual with parts diagram:

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    Ken - I don't, but if I did I might be able cobble something together. I would assume you're talking about the screw for the handle I mentioned in my original request?

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    i'm not real sure, but looks like the handle and spring are available from powermatic/jet parts.

    i would think you could figure out the metric thread and buy the screw any where.
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    Thanks all. I called the local PM/Jet rep and I can only get the spring, no screw or handle. And the HF customer service line for parts is a deep dark hole with no way out.

    I might be better with Grizzly if I new which lathe was similar.

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