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Thread: Dewalt 735 planer gear box (oil or grease)

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    Dewalt 735 planer gear box (oil or grease)

    Hello, I recently picked up a used Dewalt 735 planer that was in nice shape. Turns out the unit must have gotten wet at one point on the side where the gear box is. I took off the gear box and opened it up and found the grease to be all dried up and in clumpy pieces. The gears were kind of rusty. I was able to clean up the gears and the box. My question is do I use grease inside this gear box or just oil them? What type of grease or oil should I be using? It looks like the edges of the box where the cover came off looks like it was sealed or caulked. I tried greasing the gears and everything with waterproof green grease I bought at the auto parts store. I manually tried turning the shaft where the sprocket chain gets hook up to and it seems fairly hard to turn. Not sure if I over greased it. Should I buy a new gear box and go that route?

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    I would call the company or look up your closest DeWalt Authorized Service Center and ask them. It's a great little planer and will last a long time if you treat it right
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