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    ThystleDown Farm

    Not quite finished ( other side still needs work) but I have time to post ...
    Corafoam 15lb, with the "applied" letters from 20lb Corafoam. Steel mounting bracket goes through the centre of the sign, for added strength & ease of mounting to posts.
    All acrylics, except for the black, which is Ronan Oil-based lettering enamel.
    This farm is on the edge of the Canadian Shield, & old pastures contain many thistles. They also raise Highlands & keep bees .... hence, the honeybee on the left thistle.
    My "friendly competitor" painted the pictorial for me. Although effectively ":competition", we work together on a LOT of jobs, & this relationship allows both of us to take on work that neither of us could do alone.
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    I didn't understand much of what you posted.

    But...that sure is purty.
    A Stickley fan boy.

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    Outstanding, TR! I learn something from every one of your posts.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    That is a very impressive sign. Thistle is a noxious weed in my area and when I was young and they had inspectors going around you could get flagged if thistle was found. Getting those notices on your property was very embarrassing.

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