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Thread: Something to do with...

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    Jun 2010
    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Took today rust hutning, no shoptime...too bloody hot...

    Mondays the shop is usually closed...but..I need to get this Plant Stand i have been told I need to build a 3 drawer chest of drawers for GrandBRAT the 8yr old can put his clothes away...instead of all over the floor...

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    Jun 2010
    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Well, I WAS just going to clean up that backsaw, and see how it cuts....really, I to looking at that plant stand....decided to try to get it ready for a glue up.....needed a few mortises chopped, one tenon needed trimmed...I think I have almost as much glue on my fingers, as I got on the parts..
    IMG_4728 (640x480).jpg
    Five clamps should be enough?
    IMG_4729 (640x480).jpg
    Fifth one to to pull things square...
    IMG_4730 (640x480).jpg
    Have two blocks I need to cut to size, and notch to fit....Will add a few pilot holes for screws, too...
    IMG_4731 (640x480).jpg
    This is not all that big of a project...
    Now, about that saw..
    IMG_4733 (640x480).jpg
    Work in progress....cut is glass smooth, but..on my Stanley #2246 miter box, saw acted like it was too, a 4" x 22"..
    Might have just the box for it..
    IMG_4734 (640x480).jpg
    Might be better than that 14" saw? Will work on this when I have time....

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    Jun 2010
    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    I suppose I had better finish this thing up....starting a trial with a blood thinner this weekend.....then later, something called a Watchman may get installed...after they freeze away section...

    May head down to the shop, and get the forest of clamps off. Drill a few holes, and do a couple block installs.

    Stay tuned...

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    Be very careful with the blood thinners, my friend.
    Best of luck to you.

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    Jun 2010
    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Yep, sharp metal objest and blood thinners do not play nice together...

    On a brighter about a PIP?
    small planter.jpg
    Trying to get things done....waiting on the Boss to decide what colour paint she wants...
    leg details.jpg
    Leg details. Long dowels are 1/2"....end ones are 1/4"...ran out of the larger ones..
    top details.jpg
    Top details. Counting on paint to cover the screws.
    first view.jpg
    Kind of a tiny thing.....have a feeling that this..
    big planter.jpg
    Will be the planter used...out on the porch.

    Will have to wait and see if any more Projects get done.....other than fixing me up...thanks for looking in..

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    You are right about them sharp objects.
    That is lovely, per usual. Lemme guess; milk paint?
    Got a friend who loves the stuff.
    I would leave that just as it is, with some clear poly over it, screws or not.
    But yep, ya gotta please the one you made it for.

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    Nice project! Love the legs!

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