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Thread: Monster hollowing system

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    Monster hollowing system

    If this isnít the right place for this, I apologize and ask the moderators to tell me where to post it.

    I havenít been seen here on SMC for a number of years, though Iíve been lurking again recently, due to a serious illness that kept me from turning for 3 years. Itís amazing how much you can forget...

    Anyway, while away from the shop I realized that I didnít need to do things I donít really enjoy. Seems pretty basic, right? Well, I just donít like hollowing.

    i have a monster hollowing system with laser that I think I used less than 10 times. Itís a little dusty, but otherwise in excellent shape. Most of the tips were never used. So I want to get it out of my shop and into the hands of someone who will use it. What do you think is a reasonable asking price, and where should I list it? Thereís not a local turning club and as far as I can tell very little interest in turning in the area. (I put my delta 46-460 on Craigslist, and not even a nibble, except for the scammers.)

    Iíd appreciate any input you guys might have.
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    List it here on sawMillcreek classifieds . Post a pic and the width of the way on the lathe you used it on.

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