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Thread: help w/ bearing change on Jet 1642?

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    help w/ bearing change on Jet 1642?

    I'm trying to change the larger right hand bearing on my Jet 1642 spindle. The tech support and the manual both said to slide the bearing off the left end of the spindle, after removing the pulley and collar. But the center section of the spindle, where the key rests is 20 thousandths larger in diameter than where the bearing sits. So no way is that bearing "sliding off" that shaft. I can only guess that the spindle somehow comes apart to allow bearing replacement. Anyone have any insight into this dilemma? Thanks,
    John P.1642 spindle.jpg

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    I hope you get an answer as I have a constant tick in the spindle area of my 1642 with each rotation..

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    I would bet that the existing bearing is a mm or so larger inner bore then the one removed. Once it is pushed down one width it should slide off. See if the bearing numbers match. I bet they do not. They should be a four digit number. I bet the left hand bearing is smaller both in inner and outer diameter.
    Bill D.

    on edit: 6205 and 6207 so 15 and 17mm bore.
    You may need a bearing spliter to remove it the easy way in a press
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    The right hand bearing is much larger than the left one. And the one I want to replace the right hand one with is the same number as the old one still on the shaft. This real question is how do I get that bearing off the shaft since the section to the left of the bearing is significantly larger in diameter than the section of the spindle it is on? I measure 20 thousandths. (You can see this in the photo if zoomed in.) Thanks,
    John P.

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    By the way, When I had a ticking sound in the headstock, I found that the set screw in the collar was loose, allowing the collar to move. To fix, remove the spindle locking pin apparatus from the headstock, allowing you to reach in with a 4mm allen wrench and tighten. I used a little treadlocker as well.
    John P.

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    Got it done. Found a video on Youtube that showed the drill. Thanks for the help.
    John P.

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    John, you might consider posting a link to the video as an aid to
    others that may stumble upon this thread.

    Left click my name for homepage link.

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    I'm guessing the shaft was the same or larger diameter under the bearing. Once it's pressed off it'll be visible.

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    When I replaced the bearings on my Jet 1642 both bearings came off the shaft. I did have to gently tap them off. I’d call Jet customer service and ask for guidance. Might want to put the shaft in your freezer for a couple of hours, then try and tap the bearing off.
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