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Thread: Accuris PowerSharp16 power issue

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    Accuris PowerSharp16 power issue

    Hello ya all..

    Owner of Accuris PowerSharp16 / 30w since 2006

    It came with Synrad Firestar series v30 (made in 2005)

    Was told that it should last around 25,000 hours and I don't even use it 8 hours everyday for 12 years.. I would say around 1/4th of that..

    I've noticed that it's starting to burn down less depth than in the past.. I used to engrave maples and with 90p 5s - and get around 3/16" deep engraved on maple wood (imaged attached).. Now it'll be likely 1/32" deep.. One or 2 stroke of sandpaper (150grit) and the image would smeared off.

    I also had to use 100p .5s to cut a hole on 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood.. (it's crazy)..

    I checked mirror / lens and they all looks clean and no stratches.. I alignment laser few times to make sure it beamed into center of hole and yes both from upper left and lower right of engrave table..

    I checked the power supply area and motherboard, both are clean of dust.. all cable looks firmed..

    I don't know what's next I've missed out?

    Laser gas runs out? Leak? Where can I obtain the laser meter which I don't want to buy one..

    Hope someone out there gives me some tips / help...

    In both picture of engraved says 1.5 lens which it was supposed to be 2.0 Lens (not 1.5) sorry...


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    the engraving of this eagle head--eagle.jpg -which I enhanced a bit--
    did you engrave that 'grid' pattern intentionally, or not?

    If not- Are you using Corel X6?

    If YES, that may be part of your problem... My BIL has Corel X6 and everything sent to my old ULS laser (which he now owns) ends up engraving/looking EXACTLY like that, and we've found no reason why or fix for it-- He loves X6 for working onscreen, but he saves the job then opens it in X4 for engraving...

    If it WAS intentional, how did you do it?
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    Hello Kev,

    I've been using Corel x8

    The engraving was set at 250 DPI which cause it to be like bitmap (dots)..

    At 333DPI it doesn't show dots..


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