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Thread: Any Oneway lathes owners near Clemson, SC?

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    Biggest difference between the Oneway and Robust is fixed headstock vs. sliding headstock. The Vicmarc is worth a look. The PM, will do probably do just about any turning you will want or need, and you will save some money. The others have higher finish quality...

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    Woodworkers Emporium in Las Vegas is a Vicmarc distributor. They are good people and will treat you right and take care of you.

    Craft Supplies and I think Packard Woodworks also sell Vicmarc but for Craft Supplies at least I know there are some differences between the model they sell and a "real" Vicmarc that Woodworkers Emporium sells. One difference is CS has a different base that is lighter weight and the legs can get in your way. Christian at W.E. can tell you the other differences, he is very knowledgeable about Vicmarc.

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