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Thread: 1/2" Solid Carbide Compression Bits - New

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    I received mine today. They're beautiful looking cutters, can't wait to give them a workout!
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    I will take one. Please pm me the payment details.
    Thank You,

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    These compression bits and the flush trim bits from Brian are OUTSTANDING folks. Heck of a buy!!
    Glad its my shop I am responsible for - I only have to make me happy.

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    If you still have one please send payment details.

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    I am out of the original bit but found 6 UD5152 and one UD5162 also at the $45 delivered.


    2+2 Compression Up/Down Spiral Router Bit

    Solid Carbide
    1/2" Cutting Diameter
    1-1/2" Cut Length
    3-1/2" Overall Length
    1/2" Shank

    UD5162 same but 1-5/8" cut length

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    Received mine today...very nice cutter. Thanks!

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    Brian, I've sent a couple of emails to you. Without any response.
    I also sent $45.00 through PayPal
    Here's a copy:Holbren
    Whiteside Router Bit

    Inbox x

    Holbren Sales Thu, Jun 14, 3:59 PM (6 days ago)
    Ed, What bit am I supposed to send you? I know itís a compression just donít have my notes here.

    Ed Edwards <>
    Fri, Jun 15, 11:23 AM (5 days ago)

    to sales

    Whiteside UD5122M solid carbide compression spiral bit

    Thanks, Ed

    At this time I need some response from you!
    I would really like to have the offered router bit but, in the alternative, credit the $45.00 back to my PayPal account
    Thank you,

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    I had to take the time to tell you publicly.
    In the mail today I received the UD5122M router bit.
    It's one heck of a bit!
    It was my mistake when I sent the last email, I had thought it was a PM.
    My apology!
    Regards, and thank you,


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    Brian Gumpper is one of the best sellers I use. Stand up guy.

    I am in for 5 more flush trim bits Brian. You should have cash now.

    Folks the bearings on them are worth this almost!

    Glad its my shop I am responsible for - I only have to make me happy.

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