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Thread: boring full length holes on a Lathe

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    It's impossible to drill a hole 36" deep on that lathe. Since you say that the distance between centers is 38", I assume that's means with a live center in the tailstock and maybe a spur center in the head stock - at least something reasonably short in both ends.

    If you put a Jacobs chuck and a drill bit in either end, you don't have 36" between the centers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin Hasenak View Post
    ...I would get 9 blocks 4" thick, and drill the required 3" inch hole in the center of each one. Then I would glue them together 3 at a time.
    If doing it this way I'd use blocks in endgrain orientation so the thing is more likely to stay round, especially at the cap end. For strength when gluing turn the ends of each block so each will fit into the next for 3/8" or so.

    You might still want to look at the laminated tubes and just use the lathe to turn end cap and rim/lid.


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