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Thread: latest lidded box need opinion on finial

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    latest lidded box need opinion on finial

    This is my latest lidded box i like the shape of it but i am 50/50 on the finial. Any opinions on it would be great. I am not sure if i should leave it, make it slimmer or make one that is flat more like a knob.
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    Try making the finial base a concave curve that lets it flow into the curve of the lid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allan Ferguson View Post
    Try making the finial base a concave curve that lets it flow into the curve of the lid.
    I like the flame shape (and use it quite a bit) but I also think the collar is a bit of a distraction. Keeping the shape of the bottom part of the lid but curving the upper as Allan suggested could make a pleasing ogee.

    I've made drawings in my sketchbook for a box similar to this but with a slighly taller flame finial to make a "ring keeper" with room inside for spare rings. I like the shape of yours - be sure to post some more photos later!


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    so i put the finial back on the lathe and played around with it. Also made another one but dont think i like the 2nd one for this lid.
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    I reaaly like the box, but the lid just doesn't seem right to me. For the second one I would make a smooth transistion from the lid to a stem and then a ball sitting on top of the stem. IMHO there are too many elements in the second lid.
    The revised first one is much better, but i would go a little farther. The collar doesn't add anything in my opinion, I would prefer a smooth transition from the edge of the lid to the finial. For looks as the only consideration the finial could be thinner, but since it is the handle for the lid that might not be practical.
    All of the above is personal taste of course. We can see that is going to be a great looking box.

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