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Thread: What brand of sprinkler do you recommend?

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    Some years ago, I bought a house with a non-functional sprinkler system. I replaced everything but the pipes (vinyl). I used rain bird valves. The controller was neat. It was the only one I could find with a remote. That remote was great! I could fire up a zoned just a few seconds to see if a repair or adjustment was correct. I used to use my basement air compressor t w it out every fall. The remote made it easy to turn on a zone for flushing.

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    My parents have a Toro system that has worked well over the years. The system is almost 40 years old. My father replaced the controller with a digital one probably 20 years ago.

    My parents have not been watering the lawn much in recent years due to the cost. Our water costs are reasonable, but they were spending $800 in a quarter on water. They can afford the cost, but my mom is fiscally conservative and doesn't like spending the money.

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    Recently bought 7 Rain Bird P5RLSP and really liked them. I used them with a 4 zone Melnor timer to water my grass when I over seeded my back yard. Worked out great. 4 zones 2 sprinklers per zone.

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