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Thread: T-handle auger. Is anyone still making the hardware?

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    T-handle auger. Is anyone still making the hardware?

    I'm looking for something like the Irwin no 2 t-handle auger as a user. Just looking for the handle, and more specifically just the hardware since I can turn the wood handles myself. I'm wondering if there is anyone still making these. I haven't seen anything on my usual tool searches (Tools for working wood, Lee Nielson, Lee Valley). I've seen them on E-Bay and that is likely where I will end up, but I'd rather help out anyone who is currently making these if possible.


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    It looks like you could make the metal bits from a piece of 1-1/4 or 1-1/2" steel pipe using a hack saw, a drill press and a bit of time with a file to clean it up. The bolts appear to be ordinary carriage bolts with wing nut.
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    Ray Ilses might. Check the seller flashpub on the auction site.

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    Thanks Lee and Tom, appreciated. I'll not be making it myself for a few reasons, but will look for flashpub.

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