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Thread: Muscle Spasms- any ideas?

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    So they lump CBD along with THC/weed there?? I'm trying to make sure you understand that in most states, CBD isn't considered marijuana nor controlled. We have medical marijuana here, but CBD is just over the counter, no questions, no ID, nothing. As it should be. So I'm trying to make sure you investigated CBD separately from "marijuana" in general?

    Capsules are my choice. The vapes are alright, but we really use those for real grass or for regular marijuana oil.

    Meanwhile, my mother suffers almost continually.
    Ugh, and a bit of a plant could make it better within minutes. Heart-breaking.

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    Carlos, I have a very bad back and muscle spasms daily.
    I take a muscle relaxant called Carisoprodol, 350mg. It is stronger then other muscle relaxants and helps me greatly.

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    Both my wife and I are septuagenarians and have experienced muscle cramps in our calves & feet, especially at nighttime when in bed. My doctor recommended a 500 mg Magnesium supplement daily. It has helped considerably, although not 100%.
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    Check out this web site. Actual clinical trials data. For me, works on large muscle cramps but not small muscle cramps. The clinical trails data was important because it showed that the problem is nerves gone bonkers. This has started pharmaceutical companies down a whole new path.

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    quinate or quinine

    Hi Alan
    I can’t recommended anything more strongly the Quinate tablets or also known as Quinine.
    I saw that Mel Fulks recommended it earlier on this post. It is a silver bullet miracle drug for cramps. Just check with your moms docter relating to her other meds before taking any Quinąte.

    In a nutshell I’ve had AML Acute Myloid Leukemia 3 times with the last two times requiring Bone a Marrow Transplants. Needless to say I’ve got a few dents in my fenders from all that. So Along with other things Cramps became a part of my life. Nothing and I mean nothing stopped cramps for me like Quinate tablets in literally minutes.
    Then with a shift in my meds I couldn’t take Quinate any more and here came the cramps again.
    I now just do the Magnesium tąblets and cream of Tartar powder and Hydralites supplements to try and keep the cramps in check.
    I sure miss the Quinate.
    I hope you find some relief for your Mom Alan. Kind regards Richard

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    Where are the spasms, neck or back?

    My mother suffered from osteoporosis and spinal column compression which results in continuous problems with spasms.

    One technique involves isolating the nerve and burning it.

    I recommend a pain management/spinal type clinic IME they handle this type of thing quite well.

    Avoid caffeine and stress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Yates View Post
    Hi Alan
    I can’t recommended anything more strongly the Quinate tablets or also known as Quinine.
    I've heard this a few times recently. I guess that's where "tonic" got its name.

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    We have a vine called "cat's claw" that when boiled into a tea, is used to relieve muscle pain. My friend is a roofer and swears by it, and he is not one of these hippie types that swears by something just because it's trendy. I am sure a health store would have something made from it. We just go into the bush and cut it.

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    It is decently documented to help with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but poor evidence that it helps with anything else.

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    I can't suppress the internist in me... First off a detailed history and physical reviewing usual medications, previous illness, habits and, since we are speaking to a geriatric patient--water intake. A careful examination might turn up some condition that could be causing spasms. Evaluation of pertinent lab values: sodium, potassium, magnesium,calcium, hemoglobin and hematocrit, kidney function come to mind. This evaluation can't be accomplished in a 15 or 20 minute office visit. I recognize that an hour long thoughtful evaluation is hard to find but that's what is needed.

    I'd also say that the medical literature re muscle cramps and spasms is woefully sparse.

    Speculating... dehydration sounds likely.

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    My adult daughter was told by her doctor to take 5000 IU per day to overcome a deficiency. After 18 months she had many digestive and other problems that related to excessive D. Now the doctor has her back to the "normal" 2000 IU and also feeling normal again.

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    I take close to 10k and have for just over ten years. It has improved a lot of things, and that amount keeps me square in the middle of the normal range on a blood test. The only way to know what's right for you is a blood test. Before that I was rather low. I had my first test done in September after spending the whole summer on my boat in the sun and was still low. I can only imagine what it was in winter.


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