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Thread: A new angle on clamp your interest peaked?

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    A new angle on clamp your interest peaked?

    So I posted this on my Facebook page to some of the woodworking groups I belong to there and have gotten rave reviews. I'm not sure anyone has done this, or I have never seen it done, but the idea just popped into my head at work on Wednesday. I never liked the "unfinished" appearance of clamp racks where brackets are made of plywood triangles then screwed to a backer board then to the wall. I wanted a simpler cleaner look and easier to build. So I got the idea to simply use shelf brackets, the kind you buy from Lowes for $6.97. Space them close enough together to hang almost any kind of bar clamp, or parallel clamp. These shelf brackets will support 1000 pounds each. I simply screwed them to a 2x10 that I sanded and finished with water based poly, then screwed the 2x10 to my studs with 4" deck screws. It worked really well and I thought I would share it. Thanks, Eric Sorry for the rotation on the photograph...

    clamp rack.jpg

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    I've seen this method posted previously and it's a great idea for compact storage of clamps since those brackets are pretty stout.

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    I dig.

    Apparently the board software doesnt like short posts so I have to post more than just "I dig" to submit. So here we are.

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    I like this idea better than my current one as it allows for a few stacked up and is a super short build time and will work great with my slat wall wall build THANK YOU.

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    I like it because several clamps of one type can be stacked. My present rack is slots cut into boards. It works fine but I have run out of space. I may build this one. Thank you.
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    I've been doing it this way for years, but made my shelf brackets from 2by lumber. I resorted to this because my small shop space had minimal wall space that I could dedicate for clamp storage, but had too many clamps to store any other way.


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    Good idea Eric. I'm going to look into this.

    I copied your picture to my hard drive, rotated it 90 CW, then posted it here. I think you could try this as well and there may be better ways to do this.
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