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Thread: making a gasket washer concentric

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    making a gasket washer concentric

    I have a set of round gasket punches. When I need to make a washer I punch it with two different sizes and try to center them as best I can. Is there some better way to get them concentric?
    Bill D

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    If you have a set of transfer punches. Put the appropriate size transfer punch inside your gasket punches to center things up. Do the outside first so you don't loose your center mark.

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    Do you have a set of forstner bits that closely match the 2 different size punches? Use the center spur to center them, mark the OD of each of the circles around the forstner bits with a pen or pencil and use the circles as a guide to locate the punches. This assumes the washers are too small to use a compass the draw the circles. Once you have one good washer, how about using it as a guide to center the inner punch on the rest?

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    Would the punches fit in a drill press? If so, then clamp the gasket stock stationary & use the press (drill not running) to punch out the center first, then the outside.

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