With all due respect, that's an advertisement video, and they did cheat a little

If I'm just going to blacken the engraving rather than paint, it, you only need to barely touch the brass with a tool, which means full-speed ahead with a tool machine, to be fair to rotary machines that plate was tool engraved much slower than necessary. Tool was a bit dull, which is why the lacquer flaked- there's an ez fix for that

For fun, I just now set up "THE DIFFERENCE" in 4 line roman, all caps, measures 3.22" long x .28" tall, which is taller and longer than the script on that 3" brass plate, with many more up/down moves than island-engraving the script would have-- but I figure it should fairly emulate the time to engrave the script. I ran it thru the motions @ full speed on my IS400. Ironically, when the engraving was done and I hit my stopwatch, it said 42 seconds..

Finally, just to nitpick, the Trotec didn't "engrave" that plate at all- it simply burnt off the lacquer finish, allowing the oxide solution to work on the now-bare brass.

And personally, I've never liked, nor sold, oxided-blackened brass, except for diamond etched plates, as I don't feel it's consistent enough. And when all said and done, my better half can paint fill engraving as fast or faster than I can get oxide fill to look good...