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Thread: advice - putting wood veneer on steel insulated garage door

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    Be aware - 3M 5200 is great stuff, BUT only around 10 - 15% stronger in most ways compared to $5 on sale big Box 100% Silicone by GE, DAP, Even Walmart "Mainstay" label.

    If you REALLY like to dig and read, you will find virtually ALL the "100% Silicone" caulk tube products are the same, varying only like 15% in tensile. shear, etc.

    For the small amount you need, stick w 5200 and have piece of mind.

    Learned from major glass large (200 gal +)Aquarium building deep previous study.

    Best price at Zoro last I purchased.

    I myself REALLY like the local lumberyard 1/4" EXTERIOR GRADE glue if available w t nuts idea for this project.

    I would quick rough sand the ply face and blow off dust before assembling.

    Excited, you can make these doors GORGEOUS.

    Again, find a test spot inside door, clean w like Acetone, then w like Windex, let dry, do TEST adhesion sample.


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    I would probably go with 5/8 or even 3/4. I would save weight by using as little of the material as possible. I would probably only use 1.5" wide frames, just enough to nail my material to.

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