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Thread: Cheap vs Premium Chisels: First impressions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frederick Skelly View Post
    But if I didn't own any chisels, I think I'd buy the AI. It's a lovely, balanced, capable tool.
    Fred, I am glad to hear you liked them. I probably would not have bought mine for myself either, but mine were a significant upgrade over the Stanley hardware store chisels I had. Sounds like your Marples are a pretty good chisel in their own right.

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    Those UK made Marples were generally regarded as pretty good tools... The only complaint I heard was some people wishing they were a bit harder and the occasional report of an un-hardened chisel ending up in someone's hands...

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    Try Japanese chisels...good white steel chisels.

    Those will blow away your cheap chisels by a big margin IMHO

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