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Thread: Router recommendations

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    I dislike routers and avoid them whenever possible.

    Yet somehow I have accumulated at least a half dozen of them and a drawer full of bits. I have two Milwaukees in router tables, a couple DW618 3 base kits, a Rigid laminate/trim router and a couple of older 70s vintage routers. Of the hand routers, I use the DW618 in the D handle base the most. I like the soft start on the DeWalts and have always been partial to D handles, even though I think most woodworkers don't care for them. After that I use the Rigid trim router quite a bit. It is handy for quick chamfers and round overs as long as they aren't too big. I like the Rigid because the switch protrudes from the base and it turns itself off if you set it on its top. It is soft start as well.

    If I could have only one router, it would be the 3 base DeWalt set; it is by far the most versatile with fixed, D handle and plunge base. And I am not even a big fan of DeWalt Tools. The trim router is awful handy as well.

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    I really appreciate all the recommendations and comments. If I had to pull the trigger today I'm leaning to the Blue - Makita RF1101Kit2. Got a few Makita cordless tools, a corded grinder as well and I really like them. There are 0% 1-star reviews and 2% 2-star reviews on Amazon for the kit with fixed base, plunge base, 1/4" & 1/2" collets and wrenches. It does not come with a dust collection adapter. I believe I read at least one review that said the adapter wasn't very good even if you did buy it as an option.

    Can anyone comment on dust collection with this router or any other comments good or bad for this Makita router? Sounds like edge guide isn't the greatest. Anyone got experience it or with a better replacement? An edge guide would seem very useful for some of the things I want to do with a router.

    Amazon link to the router package...

    One last thing, I'm going to wait and hope there may be a sale for Father's Day. Anyone recall if Makita discounts this router or their tools in general that might get me a discount on it then? Or maybe a retailer/reseller does?


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    My first router used a ring that rotated around the motor to adjust height, I thought that worked fine until I got one that uses a knob/threaded rod system to adjust height.
    I like the knob/threaded rod height adjust design much better.
    My router pretty much stays installed on a simple router table so that probably influences why I like the particular design of height adjustment.
    Spindle lock and soft start are very nice features, but not deal breakers for me.
    If the router comes with an edge guide that's a plus.
    I would get a router that comes with 1/4 and 1/2 inch collets.
    Self ejecting collets are IMO essential.

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    I have a few smaller routers but I prefer a large one in a table. My Dewalt 625 has been under the table for many years. The upper bearing just failed. I replaced it with a Triton. I am in the process of rebuilding the Dewalt. I will use it as a plunger. Having said that. If I had to get by with just one router It would be a Bosch 1617EVS with both bases.
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    Something no one has mentioned yet, I don't think. For handheld routers, you don't want too tall, they can be tippy. That's one of the complaints about the Porter-Cable 89x fixed base; it's pretty tall. I have one with the grip vac handle - sort of like a D handle with dust collection that works better than it looks like it would. The grip vac handle helps with the tippy issue. The Porter Cable plunge base seems like the DeWalt 618 plunge base machined to fit the Porter Cable motor. Porter Cable routers had significant reliability issues with their variable speed modules in the 7529 & 8529 series, I haven't heard any complaints with the 89x series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Manning View Post
    Can anyone comment on dust collection with this router or any other comments good or bad for this Makita router? Sounds like edge guide isn't the greatest. Anyone got experience it or with a better replacement? An edge guide would seem very useful for some of the things I want to do with a router.
    I can comment on dust collection on routers and edge guides in general. Dust collection on a router is very dependent on the cut being made. I have a few dust collection fittings for various routers. The type that fits above and below the plate for edge forming are great for that task, useless for dados; I have another type for that. Edge work that is "open air" uses one kind of shroud:

    Dust Port.JPG . Onieda router dc.JPG

    whereas cuts made with the material setting on a surface uses another:

    Mil DC.JPG

    There are several variations on these and in practice, they only come into play when I am doing a lot of repetitious work. In my one-man shop this is rare but, I wouldn't want to be without them.

    I have a few edge guides and don't use them often. This is just me. I have grown into methods that use templates and/or guide bushings for these tasks where someone else would use an edge guide. Its just two ways of skinning the cat and there are more. If you have not found yourself pining for an edge guide I would wait. You could make a quicky shop made version for a task and see if an edge guide is your preferred way of doing that task.

    Media Cabinet (59).jpg

    This picture is without any clean up after cutting the groove. In this case the edge guide and the dust shroud worked great. Other situations are not so great.
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    the handles are up high on the big porter cable plunge, on the other model they are down low. They do different work. I have three of those one plunge and two of the lower handles forgot the numbers. Ive done a massive amount of work with them usually turned on and running for three hours straight. Zero issues with any of them and still original bearings.

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