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Thread: Can someone recommend a good Shop Vac hose?

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    I really like the gray hose that came with my Fein Turbo II. Very flexible but doesn't collapse. A brief search didn't yield the exact same thing but there are Fein branded hoses available. They ain't cheap though.

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    I am on my second Fein Turbo II and still on the first hose. Looks like it might outlast me actually. First hose going on about 15 years, replaced the swivel end once. I have central dust collector and use the Fein (a lot) for general clean up.... Host that came with second Fein hanging up waiting for first hose to die, which doesn't look like that's going to happen..... Randy

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    I've had this for about ten years and love it. Gets stepped on regularly and just generally abused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Harms View Post
    I really like the gray hose that came with my Fein Turbo II. Very flexible but doesn't collapse. A brief search didn't yield the exact same thing but there are Fein branded hoses available. They ain't cheap though.
    I liked the hose that came with my Fein, but it wasn't long enough for my needs and the fittings didn't fit most things that I needed them to. Mine's hooked up to a DD, from there I use a Rockler hose to whatever tool.

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    Thanks to those that recommended the Bosch hose. Just got it and tested it out on the Dust Deputy, track saw, sander, router attachments, etc and it fits all of them perfectly!

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    from car detailing I have a master blaster and Blast Vac. The master blaster hose is too heavy and specific for its purpose two motors in that unit The Blast Vac hose is the most flexible easy to use hose ive ever used. Its in sections and you just add as you need. Its smaller diameter but its simple and easy to use light enough but mostly its flexible. I have two other higher quality hoses and both are annoying to use compared. Look up Metropolitan Vaccums I think it is, US im not sure the diameter is large enough for what you want as its a bit smaller than the usual stuff.

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    I'm a little late to the conversation but I too have the 16' Bosch fits my Festool sander perfectly.
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    I'm even later to the conversation, but I have this one and it is very good.,40727,47161
    Ottawa ON

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    looks the same as the home depot upgrade one, its not light and its not flexible i have it on a ridge vac, the car detailing hose blows it away lighter more flexible and and There is also nothing wrong on length having a clunky hose up to several feet from the tool then something better for the last number of feet, I do this with air lines the regular line up to say 5 feet from the tool then some super light flexible line even from another industry makes for a tool with almost no weight hanging off it when you use it.

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    My two main hoses are the 20 foot 2.5 inch Rigid Carlos recommended and the 16M Bosch several people recommended. I have a Rigid shop vac pulling through a dust deputy in my shop, another Rigid I use away from the shop, and I just got a cordless Ryobi on their current promotion deal where you get a charger, 2 3amphr batteries and another tool for 100. The Rigid on the DD came with a smaller hose that fits a metal tube floor sweep I got somewhere. The short hose on the cordless also fits this floor sweep. The other hoses do not fit it, nor have I found a good adapter. My festool hand sander is another issue. I can force it inside the Bosch hose but that is not an ideal setup. I need that hose in the shop and the sander doesn't need that much air. I'm hoping the cordless works well with that sander. I ordered the Rockler small tool hose for use with this hand sander. It is really handy for drywall work and other things inside a finished house.

    The point of my rambling is that the variation in size of the things I want to use force me into several hoses. I'm hoping that when the Rockler arrives I'm done.

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