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Thread: United Car Care?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Becker View Post
    Jerome, many OEM extended service contracts do start at mile 0/day zero. During the original OEM warranty period, the deductible doesn't apply, but other benefits are often available. With my Mopar plan, for example, the rental/loaner provision is active from day one. (it stops at 7 years/100k miles, however) As you note, it's very important to carefully review the actual contract before signing up and paying for it. As Carlos noted, there is also a time window for the best price...typically in the first 12 mos/12K miles, after which the price often bumps up. That's how the OEM manufacturer "compensates" the buyer for signing on while still under the original factory warranty.
    So you are agreeing that a 7 year extended warranty is really only a 4 year one. My dealer gives me a loaner when ever my ruck needs to be in more than a couple hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerome Stanek View Post
    So you are agreeing that a 7 year extended warranty is really only a 4 year one. My dealer gives me a loaner when ever my ruck needs to be in more than a couple hours.
    It depends on the extended service contract language (again...these are not technically "warrantees"). So if the language says it's starts at mile 0/day 0 of inservice for a new vehicle, yes, the contract is for 7 years from the date of purchase. As to whether or not it's financially worth it, that's an individual decision. For me, I paid $2180 for my lifetime service contract (list price at the time was about $3500) and it's covered at least $4500 in parts and labor to-date for some tech items that needed attention as well as a water pump that prematurely failed. Since I'll be in this vehicle for another 3+ years at least, I'm comfortable with that. It's really the tech things that drove me to this, in addition to knowing that I was going to blow out my OEM warranty in only two years because of mileage. My vehicle has an air suspension, numerous electronic features for comfort and safety, etc., and individually, they are expensive if they need repair or replacement. I'm more comfortable with $100 per incident in that respect. But that's me. Nobody should do anything unless it's the right choice for them.

    Many dealers do not, BTW, have loaners anymore...but that's not material to this discussion. I only mentioned that because it was an example of a contract benefit that might be available during the original OEM warranty period.

    I'll also reiterate again, that I'll never even remotely consider a 3rd party service contract on a vehicle. It's it's not from the manufacturer, I'm not interested.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    We had a third-party contract on our 3/4 ton diesel. Paid for a transmission and a major AC job, as well as a couple of minor things. Huge win ($2500 contract, $8k in work). It also covered "first day" rental vehicle insurance in a like vehicle, so we could ask for another 3/4 ton diesel or a car or whatever really. Basically drive in and leave with another car, nothing to think about. Replaced that with a Jeep, and had the lifetime warranty with Chrysler. Never needed it, and when the Jeep was totaled, we got a pro-rated refund. But it would have added first-day rental vehicle coverage and a few other things over the factory warranty, so running concurrently isn't a total ripoff. The BMW had a BMW add-on warranty which in retrospect was a bad idea and I should have gone third-party. It was just so expensive. But with BMW, you literally just call them and they come bring you a car and take yours if there's a major issue, or drop it off and leave in another BMW. The injectors failed and they picked it up, left us a near-new BMW in the driveway. So the contract once again paid off, though a third-party contract would have done so also for half the cost.

    We have another Jeep now, and a couple months to decide on the service contract. I'm pretty sure I won't get one.

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