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    Without an answer

    Been a long time since I have posted on here. I picked up a pristine Delta HomeCraft 28-110 10 inch bandsaw. I replaced the old tires with new urethane ones. The old 1/3 hp motor once I replaced the old paper capacitor runs like a chance. The first issue I had was the blade size. I ordered the appropriate size blade according to the manual, but I could not tension it because I ran out of room with the tracking screw slot. So I ordered a 70 1/2 inch blade which fit just fine. Here is my problem, the wheels are co-planer however, I cannot track the 3/16 inch blade without the upper wheel being extremely out of plane. The blade rides to the rear on the top wheel and toward the front on the bottom wheel. I have been using bandsaws for decades and have not run into this problem before. Are there any suggestions what could be the issue? As an added note, I've tried the 3/16 and 1/8 inch blades on this critter with the same issue.Band

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    bearings are shot ?

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    Was the tracking good BEFORE you replaced the tires? Are the urathane tires crowned?

    If not, and the tires you removed were crowned this may be (is likely) your problem.

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    The tires were so badly cracked, I didn't try any blade on them. The tires were crowned. I noticed the new tires do not have much if any crown. I do believe you hit on the issue. I will check to see if I mounted the tires inside out. They are good tires, blue max brand. I have used them on my other bandsaws. Thanks for the tip.

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    I doubt its a crown issue but worth a try.

    I think the idea of coplanar wheels is over hyped and probably due to Mr. Snodgrass' philosophy. Actually, some bandsaws are designed with non-coplanar wheels (the Powermatic Mr. Snodgrass uses does have planar wheels btw). I've had people disagree with me on this but I know for a fact one of mine (Rikon) is designed that way. When I checked and discovered this, I called tech support and they said the wheels are set at the factory and I should never have to adjust it. "Proof in the pudding", even though they are not coplanar, the saw runs perfectly and the blade tracks on both wheels perfectly fine.

    Also, some saws have flat tires and others have crowned tires.

    My guess is when you adjusted for coplanar, you went out of specs for that saw.

    If your tires are correct, I recommend re-adjusting with the bottom wheel until you get the tracking you want and don't worry about "coplanar".

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