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Thread: Integrated Table Suggestions

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    Integrated Table Suggestions

    I have a small shop that I'll be building an integrated work table for, and looking for ideas and suggestions.

    I have a dewalt job saw that needs to be mounted to the table, and I want the table to function as an outfeed, assembly, and router table.



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    My original thought was to build a workbench but in putting a design together and for my needs, a combination workbench / assembly / benchtop tool / outfeed table seemed to be a better fit. The general construction is with standard 2x6 framing for strength, weight and sturdiness, plywood for a bottom shelf and a top of doubled 3/4" plywood with a hardboard covering (affixed with double side tape and with molding to provide a smooth transition on the edges). The overall size is 4' x 8' (at a height just lower than my present table saw and future anticipated saw) with a 30" x 30" section that is dropped down that I use for the oscillating spindle/belt sander, portable router table and my scroll saw (at a height I can conveniently sit). This is a work in progress and the area beneath will be used to house a combination of drawers to hold various items and shelving to house my portable hand-held equipment in addition to providing a place for my benchtop tools when not in use. The hardboard on the drop-down section can be removed to allow the router table or scroll saw to be bolted securely in place during use if necessary. Perhaps you can find a thought or two to use for your design.

    Bench 1a.jpg Bench 2a.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Tripp View Post
    Perhaps you can find a thought or two to use for your design.
    Thanks Art for both your thoughts and the pictures. Do you find the size of the working area works well for you?

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    The size works well for my purposes and the ability to lay an item (or items) out on a flat, spacious surface and at a convenient height is quite helpful, particularly during assembly. The support for the work surface is recessed from the edge and provides an area for clamping (there is also ample area to use a row of pipe clamps on the surface). The extra long outfeed area has been handy on several occasions and the location across from my bandsaw, radial arm saw and jointer makes for a handy spot to place wood once it has been cut or jointed, particularly if I am running several consecutive pieces through.

    I dropped a 30" x 30" section of the work surface down in the corner across from my bandsaw to hold the oscillating spindle / belt sander which makes it quick and easy to take a piece cut at the bandsaw, sand it smooth and lay it out on the work surface of the table. This area also serves as a spot for my portable router table and functions as an outfeed area for longer routed pieces. I can also place my scroll saw here, pull up a chair and sit at a convenient height for scroll work. I have a power strip in this spot to plug in whatever benchtop or portable tools I happen to be working with.

    For comfort, I placed interlocking anti-fatigue matting between the saw / jointer area and the work surface, and it can make a difference in the legs in comparison to standing on unforgiving concrete.

    I had my table saw before I began setting up for more serious woodworking and was sure to design the top of the work surface to be just below both the saw surface I have now and a future better table saw (fortunately the same height of my present saw).

    The sander easily fits beneath the work surface behind the drop-down area and the router table and scroll saw store easily too.

    My next phase will be to install a combination of shelving to provide easy access to portable tools (sander, drill, biscuit cutter, etc.) as well a variety of pull-out drawers for various tools and woodworking items.

    The doubled 3/4" plywood top (screwed / not glued) is well supported and makes for a very solid work area, and in addition it is flat and level in all directions. I placed a sheet of hardboard on top that is secured with double-sided tape for easy replacement once it becomes overly worn, and outlined the top of the work surface with a strip of Oak molding that I modified and it provides a slightly rounded edge which saves wear on the hardboard edges and assures that it stays in place. The 2x6 framing makes for a strong and heavy table that only moves if you exert the effort to move it. At some point I may make some modifications to incorporate a woodworking vice or two and the 2x6 top supports should provide the means to do this.

    My workshop is a 30' x 40' x 10' high pole building and my woodworking area shares space with my general vehicle and equipment service workbench and work area, a vice / metal working table, walls lined with shelving & storage, floorspace for wood storage and my tractor/front-end-loader/rear implement and additionally either my pick-up or the Mule & trailer depending on what activities I'm involved in. While the overall building is relatively spacious, my actual woodworking area is relatively compact and the work surface seems to fit in nicely and ties it all together. I have a Dewalt DW735 planer due to arrive on Tuesday and am planning on building a portable wheeled cabinet that will sit out of the way when not in use and pulled into place when needed.

    While my work-surface takes up a 4' x 8' area, once the shelving & drawers are installed, most every available area will be utilized for work and/or storage and with access to each side it will provide a valuable and convenient centerpiece for my woodworking projects.

    There are a lot of good ideas online and in the forums and I spent much time gathering my thoughts before I started. Even then, the actual design and construction has evolved constantly as it all comes together but thus far I've been quite satisfied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Tripp View Post
    There are a lot of good ideas online and in the forums and I spent much time gathering my thoughts before I started.
    That's the mode I'm currently in, gathering ideas. Thanks again Art.


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